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July 23, 2007
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I spent the weekend shooting with :iconperrygallagher: and :iconpelicanh: in Portland, OR. I was raised in the Forests of the Pacific N.W., and so I was right at home! Michael wished to shoot me in this tree, and I was instantly sold on the idea!! The scent of the moss, the songs of the birds, everything was perfect... except for the mosquito's and fly's!! :giggle:

Michael was so sweet to carry me back to the Cabin piggyback... it seems that the Watchers of his Gallery feel I appear as a Faerie or Nymph... I simply love the Image and the wonderful memories it carries with it!!

Thank you, thank you Michael!!! :heart: :blowkiss:
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You are so beautiful!!! You look so comfortable there and amazing too.
As I told Michael, you are in your natural habitat in this, Shy! I always thought there was some mixture of fairy and elf in you! You just seem to have that free-spirited energy that these mythical beings would have! Some people just should not wear clothes. It takes away from their natural beauty! I am just awestruck at this! Wonderful picture, shy! Is this how you met Michael? LOL! Just Kiddin'! Again, BEAUTIFUL!!! I'd love to draw you as a fairy from this picture! just add wings, and poiny ears, and VIOLA!
pointy ears, rather!
AriaDreamGirl Dec 17, 2009
Shy, I know you get massive amounts of feedback and naturally each may become less and less meaningful to you. Not out of choice, but out of the nature of abundance. So I just wanted to grab your attention long enough to say that this photograph just does so much for me. You are such a wonderful person and you look so amazing in this shot. Kudos to all who were involved. :kiss: :cuddle:
Wow! Awsome picture!! I wan't to visit that forest too!!
such a beautiful picture. it's so soft and sweet. it's so much of how i see/feel when i think of the forests (also in the PNW).
and you're such a lucky lady, to get to feel all that green green moss against your bare skin!
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